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Rules & Etiquette

This shouldn't need to be said, but we all know that one individual that needs it spelled out for them, so here it goes:

The rules have been kept extremely simple, and are enforced. It is expected that you have read this small list, and understand. If you don't understand, or somehow need clarification, ask the Founder, or a Storyteller.

Out of Character:

1. Be kind to each other.
2. Certain topics may become out of line and you will be asked to change subject. Failure to change subject will result in a kick the first time.
3. Ops have final say.
Remember. We're all here to have fun. Just follow these simple rules for Out Of Character behaviour, and we will have some exellent times!

In Character:

1. NO godmoding.
2. This is a No Kill Zone. Meaning PCs cannot be killed without player approval.
3. No mind reading and no prescience (in other words no predicting the future.)
4. Ops and STs have final say over outcomes.
5. Dice may be used for combat. Up to ST.
6. Sheets must be sent to founder before you can play.

This is a structured semi free form channel. Hence please use etiquette when playing. This means you ask before joining what is a private scene or if you think it is a private scene. No open sex in channel.