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V-Coke SL info

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Lay relays the follow info to those at the Sept:

Khafra or Khafre is a masculine name, under normal AEgyptian usage. From Egyptian ḫꜥf-rꜥ meaning "he appears as Ra". This was the name of the 4th-dynasty Egyptian pharaoh who built the second largest of the pyramids at Giza. He is also known as Chephren, from the Greek form of his name. (c. 2575–c. 2465 BCE). The middle pyramid was built for Khafre (Greek:
[09:40] (Dragon) Chephren), the fourth of the eight kings of the 4th dynasty; the structure measures 707.75 feet (216 metres) on each side and was originally 471 feet (143 metres) high.
All three pyramids were plundered both internally and externally in ancient and medieval times. Thus, the grave goods originally deposited in the burial chambers are missing, and the pyramids no longer reach their original heights because they have been almost entirely stripped of their outer casings of smooth white limestone; the Great Pyramid, for example, is now only 451.4
[09:40] (Dragon) feet (138 metres) high. That of Khafre retains the outer limestone casing only at its topmost portion. The AEgyptian heiroglyph for 'Unbound' seem to be a more recent addition, but still fairly old. Perhaps being carved in around 1000 CE or so.
The addition of 'Unbound' to the latinized name Khafre indicates that the writer was both well informed on Egyptology and blasphemy. And while a Setite might do one or both, they very rarely -combine- the two.
A Setite would take great joy in prancing around in Catholic finery, as a method of distraction or traipsing all over someone elses sacred cow, but they'd never do it in their own house.
This Khafra has stayed off the record for centuries, however. Which in itself says a bit to her secretive nature. WHen she does show up things tend to go sideways. By the end of the report it's almost 99% certain that she is NOT a Setite. What she might be, remains unknown, however.
a sect of infernalist vampires, who are rumored to worship or desire to become demons. They are, at this time, just rumors of what this Khafra might be.


after naomi had heard this she spoke up "Baali" they are infernalists who worship or try to be as demons. some say they do heinous things to keep the demons asleep. but what ever they are is nasty. this one seems to be old as well and more dangerous. they are particularly vulnerable to holy iconography, holy ground and holy water. they are especially vulnerable to true faith.
they are said to be diabolical. there is some indication that they may be a bloodline of the Salubri, Cappadocians, or Tzimisce, although one earlier source suggested they may instead be descendants or even predecessors of the Gangrel line. They also recruit vampires from other clans to become Baali via a dark thaumaturgic initiation, further confusing the issue and making them also a sect or cult.
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