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— •RaeH frowned softly and looked away across the water "it's been brought to my attention.. that we haven't actually been properly introduced"

Kody lifts a brow. "You're Rae. Buzzsaw. You're Kin to the Alpha." He smiles. "You're sometimes impatient, but you're always thoughtful."

— •RaeH blinks a bit at that in amusement at the assessment "i do not sit still well it is true.. i am not kin however.. i had hoped to let things develop more naturally.. but feel pushed to the point now." she cocked her head slightly to the side "yes.. i am Rae.. also Kindred of Clan Gangrel" she wasn't sure if he knew what kindred meant.. but it was the formal word

— •Kody had been picking up his beer. He drops it again now, swears, tries to catch it, fumbles, and finally catches it upside down, so it all spills out anyway. He stares at Rae in some confusion. "You said what now?"

— •RaeH tries very hard not to laugh at the reaction, cause well it was funny "Kindred.. clan Gangrel?" she suggested, not elaborating.. yet

<•Kody> "You're a vampire?" He just blurts it. "Shit. Fuck. I mean. Fuck. No. I mean. I mean. Fuck! No! Hold on." He holds out a hand because he's trying to process this, and he doesn't want to do it the wrong way. "Fuck. Okay. Okay. Okay, uh. But. But what? You're cool?"

— •RaeH laughed then, she just couldn't help it "i would hope that last part was self explanitory? i am here to help. i fight with the garou. there are others also.. though most are prehaps a bit less directly involved

Kody blinks at Rae for a moment. "Slow down! I'm still at the part where we agree that you're cool!"

— •RaeH perked a brow, looking amused "well.. am i?"

Kody pauses now. Pauses. "So. You're cool. Okay." A nod. "And you fight with us. But. But you still do the thing. The. The thing thing. " He makes a fang motion with his fingers in front of his mouth and sucks in air through his teeth audibly. Virgins and shit?"

— •RaeH was just amused till he said virgins and couldn't help laughing again "i'm pretty sure that the majority.. are not in fact virgins. but yes.. i do have to drink blood.

Kody> "But-- but-- but you like virgins?" He makes the fangy gestures again. "You bite people?"

<•RaeH> what is it with you and virgins? she had to ask yes i bite people. i also hunt deer for what that's worth. though the blood isn't nearly as good
<•Kody> "Willing people?" He frowns some. "And I don't know. I thought that's why you had to have sex as young as you can. So you don't taste good to vampires any more."

<•RaeH> who the hell says yuo have to have sex as young as you can? i mean.. i don't even know where that comes from for Any reason... as for willing.. i can't exactly tell people i'm a vampire.. but i mean.. they don't tend to complain. generaly they enjoy it..

<•Kody> "No one said it. Just everyone was doing it. I... just... connected the dots." A classic case of correlation and not causation. Kody shrugs. "Huh. Well, fuck. Okay. But the Alpha vouches for you and the wizards like you and this building likes you. And you're mostly not a asshole." Clearly, Kody is connecting fresh dots.

<•RaeH> only mostly huh? she says in amusement. well for reactions he was definatlly funny vampires are people too though. i mean. yeah okay. higher tendancy to be complete asses than your normal person.. and umm.. well a lot of them really should be destroyed, but ya know. some of us are alright?

Kody shrugs. "Not every Gaian is a friend." So maybe not every Wyrm is an enemy, he doesn't say. It feels rude to call her that now. "Garou, ya know. We're Wyld. In a different world, where the Wyrm didn't go insane, we'd be friends anyway. Maybe you're a Wyld vampire."

— •RaeH chuckles "not sure about that. though i don't agree that all vampires are neccissarily of the wyrm.. i've been told i don't smell of the wyrm.. so there is that"

Kody shakes his head. "That takes a smarter person than me to understand. I was born to sing songs, not to be a Philodox. And not smart like a Ragabash or a Theurge." Kody picks up his t-shirt from the sand and shakes is out. "If you're a Kindred, then, does that mean I'm supposed to treat you different?"

<•RaeH> no? i would hope not. it sometimes leads to cultural diffrences.. but over all there shouldn't be much issue.

<•Kody> "But you're still a Kin, aren't you?"

<•RaeH> you mean like actually kinfolk? umm.. i've honestly been told, that even if it were true.. i shouldn't say so. but i really have no reason to believe i am..

<•Kody> "Oh. BUt you're claimed now, aren't you?" Kody studies Rae

— •RaeH tilted her head slightly "do you mean.. i'm in a relationship?

<•Kody> "No. I mean has a Garou claimed you."

<•RaeH> you are going to have to explain that then, because i'm not sure what yuo are asking

Kody shakes his head and gets ot his feet. "I've got to get some bed. I need to ice my knee for a while."

<•RaeH> ookay. just still confused here.. maybe you can explain later she stands
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