Sorrow Song

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Sorrow Song

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There’s a place far away
Where the sea meets the sky
Where hope rises with the sun
And then begins to die

Who could have imagined
The sound it would make
When the sky fell with a roar
And the land began to quake.

The winds began to scream,
The tides to rise and roar
Rushing away from the fallen sky
To crash against the shore

And there to wash away the land
To wash away our dreams
To destroy all we had planned
With whispers and with screams.

I heard you cry for me, my love
Did you hear my call?
I saw the water end your life.
I could only watch you fall.

My love, my love, I still weep.
My sorrow has no end
You were my one, my true hope
My savior, my best friend

And now I wait for the time
When Gaia’s call takes me home
When I will finally be by your side
At last no more to roam
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